15 Positive affirmation for Anxiety and Depression

There are positive affirmations that assist individuals struggling with anxiety and depression. These positive statements can help. Here are the positive affirmations for anxiety and depression below. 1. Am not afraid of what could go wrong, am excited by what will go right. 2. Mistakes and setbacks are stepping stone to my success because I… Continue reading 15 Positive affirmation for Anxiety and Depression


Faith of a sick child (Poem)

Lying weakly on the bed, Groaning silently in pains, The sick child is always smiling with other patients, nurses and doctors. The child has a strong belief of getting healed one day, The child is not ruled by fear but faith, Never a sad child but a happy one, Less worried and full of hope,… Continue reading Faith of a sick child (Poem)


6 ways to deal with rejection

Several people have experienced the word "rejection" This hurts a lot. Rejection is the act of denial or non acceptance of someone or something. An individual can be rejected by friends, colleagues and relatives. This makes such person feel hurt. This might make the individual isolate him/herself from others. This can affect one in many… Continue reading 6 ways to deal with rejection


Reality of Life (Short story)

First time trying something new on my blog. I love reading and writing stories, so I decided to write a story. Read and enjoy. Kendrick shouted in his matrimonial bedroom "Flora, I need you here now" immediately his wife heard him, she abandoned everything she was doing in the kitchen and attend to him. "I… Continue reading Reality of Life (Short story)


Death: The unwelcomed guest (Poem)

King of terrors, terrifying human existence, adding bitter taste to our sweetness, having strong powers to wipe out human race within seconds, comes without being invited. Killer of joy and happiness, bearer of sad news, it comes to steal and take, but can never give. The opposite of life, Always taking away loved ones, No… Continue reading Death: The unwelcomed guest (Poem)


10 Daily Affirmations that enhances lifestyle

Affirmations are positive statements that helps in the growth of an individual. It promotes positivity and shuns negativity. Daily affirmations improves our development as we speak and declare postivite words in our lives. It motivates and encourages us to do better. It is really essential to claim positive things, this will help us a lot… Continue reading 10 Daily Affirmations that enhances lifestyle


Why a good character is important.

Character defines our personality, it is the sum total of an individual qualities. It is very important because it's part of our lives  The character of a person can either contribute to one's success or failure in life. It is important to exhibit a good character. I have come across different people with different characters.… Continue reading Why a good character is important.