2022 – Year of Resolution💕

2022 is another year for everyone, new year, new plans. Well if you do not know what this year has in stock for you. Start planning. Resolution is a decision or determination to do or not to do something. The decision is ours to make. Ponder on the following questions that would be of help.… Continue reading 2022 – Year of Resolution💕


Five lovely Gifts for Christmas

The month of December is full of festive activities. The biggest day is 25th of December when Christmas is celebrated💖. It is necessary to give gifts/presents to loved ones, friends, colleagues and people in our neighborhood. Below are five gifts for Christmas. Designer clothes Gift cards Fashion accessories Make up products Nightwear for both men… Continue reading Five lovely Gifts for Christmas


Stress management

Stress is a natural feeling that occur as a result of life experiences or events. It is a body reaction to challenges or demand. Stress is experienced by everyone, it affect human body, feelings and behavior. Physical symptoms of stress can be headache, acne and pains, insomnia, chest pain and so on. Emotional and mental… Continue reading Stress management



Powerful recognition of human Defining man's personality, Never to be taken for granted, No living man on earth without it, Identity. It can tarnish or build an image, Travels far and wide, Without the presence of human body, Identity. Part of human life, That distinguish one from another, Need to be secured and guided, What… Continue reading Identity


Five Affirmations for Self-esteem

Self-esteem means having belief or confidence in one's ability and value. The following are affirmations for self-esteem. ∆ I believe in my dreams, nothing can stop me from achieving my dream. ∆ I am surrounded by grace and positivity. ∆ I like who i am and who and am becoming. ∆ The love I give… Continue reading Five Affirmations for Self-esteem


Effective ways to prepare for the day

There are effective ways to prepare for the day without wasting time on less important things. Lack of preparation leads to bad reports or unforseen circumstances. Prepare ahead of the day One of the effective ways to prepare for the day is to prepare ahead of the day. Take into consideration important things that need… Continue reading Effective ways to prepare for the day