The brightest of all
ordained by the creator.
Without it man is a living corpse,
Life is nothing when it is not present.

Man is created for a purpose
Indeed for a purpose.
Not only to dominate the earth but
Also for a significant reason.

Every man is a priceless jewel
that can't be abandoned.
For our creator gave everyone a destiny.
No man is useless except he wants to be so.

Destiny of humans cannot be predicted because the life of a man
is seen only by the creator.
So why do we live,
We live to fulfil a destiny.

Never underestimate a man,
every man is unique.
Beggars are not exempted,
The physically challenged ones also
have a destiny.
No one is left aside.

Now cast out time wasters,
Wake up from your slumber.
You are born for a purpose
that you must achieve.
Don't waste your life by doing
What is not right.

Man needs to be careful
For laziness and procrastination
spread woulds but do not heal them.

Beware! Man cannot run faster than
his shadow.
It is better for him to wait
for his time so that he can inherit the good works of his hand.

Open your eyes wide to
see what is inside of you.
You are precious,
Yes, you are special one of his

Man is beyond his physical endowment. For looks is just there
to compliment his being not fulfill
his destiny.

Be wise, strong and determined
think of meaningful things to do
with your life. Don't waste it.

Now tell me, do you really believe
that destiny is the gift of man.

©Pius Blessing

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