Other things may change us but we start and end with the family. Anthony Brandt.

The most important thing in the world is family and love. (favourite quote). During the lockdown I had no choice but to stay home with family. I get to know more about them. Well covid_19 pandemic made some families to be together. Some parents barely had time for their children before now due to work. According to George Santayana “the family is one nature’s masterpiece” The love of a family is so powerful. I spent time learning and enjoying lot of things about my family. We have our bad and good times. Bad times is when we argue and we settle. In this difficult period spending time with family and friends is crucial. Getting loved by them is so wonderful. When you move closer to your family, you will be surprised that you don’t know all about them. Living in the same house for many years is not a licence to knowing everything about them. When you spend quality time with them, you get to know more about your family. I have experienced a lot while staying at home in this difficult period when the disease had spread to many countries and it’s killing people fast. May we not be affected by his grace.

It is good to spend time with family, Through family we are able to learn a lot while growing up from childhood adulthood.

© Blessing Pius

Below are pictures of families spending time together.

Pixels images


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