May 16, a special day for me.

Any time we are in the month of May, am always glad. I love other months too but May is a special month for me. So blessed to witness this day. The lord has been so merciful to me. Am happy for the gift of life.

Several things I have learnt so far

  • To be appreciative
  • Showing love to others
  • Being able to accept corrections from others
  • To be careful who one trust
  • To be able to control emotions
  • To be one self and not copy others
  • To be honest because it pays
  • To work hard in order to achieve one goals
  • To be contented with what one has
  • Quick route to success doesn’t last, it is better to struggle and work hard to get to the top.
  • To forgive others especially those who deeply offended you

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