Reward of hardwork

Working hard entails putting in your best in anything you do. Hardwork really pays off. Better to work hard now in order to get positive result in future. Laziness brings negative outcomes unlike hard work that yields to good results.

Work hard today so that you enjoy the benefits later. While working hard u may not see the result immediately, it might actually take time before you reap what u sow. As it is said “The patient dog eat the fattest bone” u need to be patient while u await positive results from hardwork. Don’t be hasty. Exercise patience.

What are the rewards of hardwork

  • Achieving your dreams or goals in life.
  • Ability to impact people lives through your vision.
  • Making one a better person
  • Building a great nation
  • Becoming a role model to others
  • Meeting great personalities locally and internationally.

Below are inspirational quotes on hardwork

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