Never let a failed attempt discourage you from trying again

“You are not your mistakes, they are what u did not who you are”

Lisa Lieberman.

In whatever we find ourselves doing, we don’t want to fail. We crave for success not failure. However when we do experience failure, we tend to fall back instead of trying again. Failure do not mean the end. It means u can do better, strive more and put in your best. It shouldn’t define u in anyway, don’t allow failure become an obstacle in achieving your goals.

When you fall, rise back again because when u stop trying u start failing. What doesn’t kill u makes u stronger. If u have been trying no result, continue trying till u get result. Don’t let failure get the whole of you. Face and challenge it.

One important thing u must know is when u fail once, twice or more. It prepares you ahead of something big. You will become wiser with more experience. So don’t relent after a failed attempt. Continue trying harder. At the end that failure leads to success. Don’t hate yourself because u failed rather strive to do more in order to win.

©Blessing Pius

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