The need to show love to others

Always show kindness and love to others. Your words might be filling the empty places in someone’s heart.

Mandy Hale

I was pondering on several things happening in the society. The lockdown, racism and many others. I realized that this is the best time to make people feel loved. So many people need someone to share their thoughts and also to assist them in one way or the other. To be realistic we have people that are going through a lot financially and emotionally. They need love at this point in their lives. It is not a time for hatred but show kindness.

Be kind to both black and white, don’t love one and hate another. Respect every color. As long as we are all humans, we need to be nice and helpful to each other. I practically support living together in one love without letting race and other factors be an hindrance. Let us make the world a better place for the next generation.

It is better to inculcate the habit of loving others as we love ourselves. Never allow any factor push u back from doing the needful. We are in a society where many wrong things need to be changed for good. So that we won’t end up passing wrong values/beliefs to the next generation. One love keeps us together.

©Pius Blessing

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