How to heal from emotional trauma


Before I start giving tips on how to heal from emotional trauma. Am neither a psychologist😃 nor medical practitioner but I mostly read books to broaden knowledge. So with the ideas I have gathered  I decided to write something on healing from emotional trauma.😊


Emotional trauma is a damage or harm to human emotions that occurs from unexpected negative events or circumstances that happens in our lives and it hurts our emotions really bad. Circumstances might be domestic violence, losing of loved ones, rape, accidents, failed relationships, divorce, illness, natural disaster and so on. This emotional trauma lingers for weeks, months and probably years because it’s difficult for some victims to get healed quickly. It is an incident that had affected majority. Emotional trauma affect humans psychologically and physically. People affected are trying to find a way out of it but it’s not easy. So they need help so that healing can take place in their lives.

Symptoms of emotional trauma

Anxiety, fear, anger, depression, fatigue, shock, flash back or memories of events, isolation, mood changes and so on.


Take a deep breath and meditate to get relieved

Yes, this is serious, why did I mention take a deep breath. Taking a deep breath makes u relieve stress and it calms u down. Try this for 30minutes. Most times meditation is good for us during a leisure period. This is the first step that soothe you and reduces anger, depression and shock.

∆ Get help from loved ones and don’t give room for isolation

Allow loved ones to assist you in this journey of healing from emotional trauma. Talk to them, do not isolate yourself. Isolation may only bring more self pity and negative thoughts but when u seek help from loved ones, you are gradually taking the right step of healing process

You need a therapist in the medical field

Meet with medical practitioners for assistance. We have experts that are in the field of treating emotional disorder. Seek help from them. This is another step to healing from emotional trauma.

Be ready for healing

For healing to take place, you need to be ready to get healed. Healing from emotional trauma is not a day journey, it takes effort from your side and others that are assisting you to heal. So if you are ready for healing, u will definitely get one.

Have a positive mindset to overcome

Having a positive mindset to get recovery from emotional trauma is vital. When u believe that you will overcome at last. It means healing will surely take place at the end. This will help u a lot to get healed. A negative mindset only adds to one’s problem, it doesn’t solve it. It may take a while to get healed, be positive of overcoming and getting recovery.

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