Poem: Forgiveness

Powerful word everyone needs,

Easy to say not easy to grant,

Key to a troubled heart,

Forgive to free the soul,

 From the burden of another.

Free the mind from revenge,

It’s not the right way,

Let go the hurt and pains,

Remove heavy load from the chest,

Forgive and move on.

Pardon the guilty and move forward.

Time to forgive,

Let go the grudges and hatred,

Empty the mind,

From bitterness,

Forgive mistakes or intentional

Bad characters,

Learn the act of forgiveness

And be free indeed.

©Blessing Pius

4 thoughts on “Poem: Forgiveness”

  1. Beautifully written! I totally agree- forgiveness is so important. Holding a grudge may destroy your enemy but it will destroy you as well. It’s better to just forgive and move on.

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