5 confirmed ways to overcome fear

Finally, am able to write something on the topic “Fear”. I already had it in mind for a while now to post this on my blog. Thankfully, this is the day to do that. I know several writers, psychologists, bloggers and many others had written awesome posts related to this topic, nevertheless i will post a write up from my perspective and research.


Literally, the term fear is not new to anyone. It is an emotion we all experience at one point in our lives. It is caused by several factors such as intimidation, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, sad events, harassment of different types, failure and many others. Fear makes us not to take a bold step that can change our lives. It prevents one from achieving a certain goal. It deprives one from trying new things and so on.



The first way to overcome fear is to identify it. The questions below can help out.

  • What makes you afraid?
  • Why does it makes you afraid?
  • Can you deal with it?

If you are able to answer the questions above then u are able to identify your fears which is very important. Different people with different thoughts, different problems and so on. What makes a person afraid is different from what makes another afraid. To overcome fear, u need to identify the source of the fear.


When you are able to identity your fears, don’t hold it for too long. Try to find possible means to let it out. Holding it back might affect you mentally and physically. It’s not good when u keep your fears to yourself, thinking it will do no harm, sorry to disappoint you but it will. Ponder on the questions below, it will help.

  • Why must I hold back my fears?
  • Will holding back my fears help me?
  • How can I stop holding back my fears?

On how to stop holding back your fears, check out the next step to overcome your fears. It will help you in this category.


I know this is a popular phrase “face your fears”. It works a lot. Face your fears in order to prevent holding it back for too long. If you can’t face your fears, then there is no way u will be able to overcome it. Face whatever is giving you headache or not making you have sound sleep. Do it now, don’t wait till tomorrow. Sort is out, the sooner the better for you. Now the question is how can you face your fears. Check out the tips below.

  • Try to meditate.
  • Be relaxed.
  • Write out your fears.
  • Do what you are scared of.


Another way is to talk to someone about your fears. There is a saying that “A problem shared is half solved” it is better to speak with someone concerning your fears. Don’t be shy or proud to speak out. Talk to someone who understands, it might be loved ones such as parents, sibling, friends and spouse. You can also talk to therapist or psychologist. Someone that cares or sees to people needs in this category can assist. I have a post on “Don’t hide, speak out” Click on the link below to check it out.


In anything we do, if we are not optimistic then it’s impossible to achieve a goal. In order to overcome your fears u need to be optimistic that u can. Stay positive and be hopeful. Believe you can overcome and you will. If you tried all the steps above without considering this last step, it is possible it won’t work. So be optimistic that you will be able to overcome your fears. I also have a post related to being optimistic. Check the link below.

Thanks for reading, comment below for any ideas, suggestions, experience and questions.

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