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(Book review) Love and Respect by Dr Emerson Eggerich.

About the Author

Dr Emerson Eggerich is an award winning author, teacher and pastor born in 1951. He completed his studies in child and ecology at Michigan State University. He is the author of New York best seller, love and respect. He is married to Sarah Eggerich and blessed with children. He and his wife Sarah present to live audiences around the country in their love and respect conferences.

Pages (255)

The Book

The book is meant for married, divorced and singles. The title caught my attention, so i read it and decided to do the book review. Even though am single, I have learnt some lessons on marriage. Singles yet to be married will learn from couples mistakes. The book is educative and inspiring. Couples and singles will learn more from reading this book, there are experiences of the writer in the book. It has 24 chapters which are divided into three parts. Part one (The crazy cycle) has 7 chapters. Part two (The energizing cycle) has 15 chapters and the Part three (The rewarded cycle) has two chapters. Since the book is lengthy, it will take time to finish reading. However, u can set a target and start reading. If u read novels then u can read this book.


The introduction begins with love alone is not enough. Yes, love is vital especially for a lady/wife but what we have missed is the guy/husband needs for respect. Love and respect works together. If there is love but no respect, there will be crises. On the other hand, if there is respect and there is no love, there will also be crises. So in order to balance the equation and live in unity. Both factors needs to be present in any relationship. After the introduction, the writer explains further the two key words ‘love’ and ‘respect’ in the chapters.

He sights several examples of couples. One of his examples was about a wife who complains that her husband do not show her enough love while the man also complains that his wife do not respect him. This brings misunderstanding between the couples. Love and respect brings other important factors to place. These factors are good communication, responsibility, understanding, closeness, open ness and many more.

When we get to know the in depth meaning of love and respect, then our eyes are opened to other vital aspects. Men need to love their women, women need to respect their men. Vice versa, women also need to be respected and men need to be loved.

There are also magic words such as ‘am sorry’ ‘please’ and ‘thank u’ that need to be used when u hurt the other person. If u truly love the person, then u will apologise when u are wrong.

The concluding part has the heading which states ” Pink and Blue can make God’s purple. Men and women are being compared to pink and blue. The writer explains the meaning as the woman sees through pink sunglasses and hears with pink hearing aids while his world is shaded in blue. The man sees differently through blue sunglasses and hears what she is saying differently through blue aids. This boils down to this simple meaning ” They both see and hear differently” They can’t easily decode signals they send to each other.

The end😀 for more, get the book if u are interested. Check the link to get the book below.

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