Young Innocent soul (Poem)

Living in a world of several vices,

Terrible occurrences day by day,

the young innocent soul is

naive and blameless.

Innocent soul in a separate world,

of her own, silent and scared

of the insecurities and

bad happenings.

Quite unfortunate,

for the evil of the world,

want to pollute

the young innocent soul,

Can the innocent soul survive?

Harassment, rape and injustice

Are regular norms

In the young innocent soul society,

Who will save

the young innocent

soul from evil of the world?

The young innocent soul

in deep thought,

unnoticed by loved ones,

Afraid to say the mind.

Voice of the poor

innocent soul

must be heard but how?

A true soul can listen to the inner screams of an innocent soul.
Preet Singh

©Blessing Pius

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