Reality of Life (Short story)

First time trying something new on my blog. I love reading and writing stories, so I decided to write a story. Read and enjoy.

Kendrick shouted in his matrimonial bedroom “Flora, I need you here now” immediately his wife heard him, she abandoned everything she was doing in the kitchen and attend to him. “I can’t find my favourite shirt, he said. Well, I washed it for you, it’s not dried yet” Flora replied. ” Did I gave you the permission to wash it” he said angrily. Am sorry, I noticed it was dirty…. She was still talking before Kendrick interrupted. ” Is it because you are less busy at work that’s why all u do is wash anyhow. Flora faced down looking sad. She didn’t reply him, instead she left his sight with tears in her eyes. “What is wrong with this woman” Kendrick said in a low voice. Kendrick and Flora got married eight years ago, they have two beautiful kids. Five years old daughter (Jane) and a two years old son (Jamal). For four years of their marriage, Kendrick had been a loving and faithful husband but at the fifth year in marriage he changed. He became an angry and uncaring husband to his wife. Kendrick comes home late from work not because he is so busy but he prefers to come back late.

However, he cares more for his kids, he spoils them with gifts. Flora really loves her husband, she misses his touch for a week now. He doesn’t see her attractive like he used to. Even when she tries to put on sexy lingerie to attract him. Kendrick looks away or sleeps far from her on the bed. Their sweet marriage is gradually becoming sour. Flora feels bad about it.Β  Kendrick is a director at a big company owned by a multi-millonnaire business man while Flora is a marriage counselorπŸ˜‡. It’s surprising right, Flora had helped so many marriages but now her marriage has issues she is yet to deal with. Helping other marriages had been her dream career. Her marriage was sweet at first until it turned the other way round. She was ashamed and unable to open up to anyone.

Unknown to Flora, her close friend, a divorcee is the cause of her marriage falling her part. Nora told Ken everything about his wife ugly past. Flora was a stripper and drug addict during her undergraduate days but she is a changed person now. She kept her past as a secret. Ken felt bad when he heard it, he kept it from his wife. Luckily on a bright day, Flora caught Nora red-handed trying to seduce her husband in his office. She came unexpectedly. Right there, Nora hidden agenda was exposed. Ken settled with his wife. She forgave him and explained her past in tears. Nora felt ashamed of herself. “I can’t believe my friend nearly ruined my marriage” Flora said in tears. “That’s the reality of life” Ken replied. The endπŸ˜‡

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