Ways to Set and Achieve Goals

It is very important to set realistic goals that align with our purpose in life. This helps us to know the direction we are heading to in life. So goal setting should be taken seriously and worked upon. Goals are objectives intended to be attained. It means a lot to serious minded people.

In this article, I will discuss the ways to set and achieve goals. This is a paramount aspect in our lives. Anyone without a goal has no direction in life. It’s just like when u are in the dark and u can’t move because u can’t see but when the light is on, u are able to move. The light here represent the “set goals” while the darkness represent “no set goals” it is when u set goals that u will know your purpose in life and work so hard to achieve it but when u don’t know u will have no specific direction and purpose will be unknown.

The following are the ways to set and achieve goals.

Setting Goals Tips

Determine the goals you want to achieve

The first step is to determine the goals you want to achieve. This can be done during leisure time. Think about the things you want and would love to achieve. Decide the goals u will like to achieve. Remember your goals should align with your purpose in life. So take decision with patience. You can determine the goals you want to achieve by

• Considering what u love doing.

• Things u desperately wish u possess

• How it affect you, the people, relatives friends and community positively.

Don’t procrastinate while setting your goals. Delay could be dangerous

Procrastination is a waste of time. In setting goals don’t procrastinate. Time wait for no man. Don’t allow your purpose in life to be delayed by procrastination. Setting goals is an important aspect in one’s life. Yea, take your time and don’t rush but never procrastinate. Do what is right at the right time not wrong timing. Take the matters of your life seriously and act on it. Delay could be dangerous.

Set Specific and Realistic Goals

Set specific goals, let your goals be stated and detailed. It should be precise and well defined. Your goals should also be realistic, set goals that are real to achieve not abstract or some fairy tale in the movies. Be the real you not someone else. Don’t copy others, we don’t have the same purpose in life. So set goals that are real and achievable. Setting specific and realistic goals can be done through the ways below.

• Ask yourself questions while brainstorming about your goals.

• Do some research about yourself including observing what u like and hate.

Write out the Set Goals

When you set specific and realistic goals, write them out in a personal diary. Important things like this should be written out not in any sheet of paper but a diary. Doing this makes u to be positive about achieving the goals. It should be properly written and detailed. After writing out your set goals, keep in a safe place to avoid misplacement or anything that could make u lose it.

Achieving Goals

Have a precise schedule

The first thing to consider before achieving any goal is the daily schedule. If you don’t have a schedule, create one. After setting your goals, have a precise schedule to achieve these goals. Use the calender and other important materials to set up your schedule.

There would be obstacles, so identify and tackle them

To get to the top of anything we do in life, there would be challenges/obstacles. Many great people encounter challenges before getting to where they are in life. So don’t be scared but be determined to overcome challenges that life brings. Be strong and wise. Take time to identify challenges, be courageous and prepared to tackle them.

Follow set goals in order to achieve them

Set goals needs to be followed in order to be achieved. This helps one a lot, don’t be resilient in doing this. It is better to follow set goals. Don’t just set goals without taking a step. Take action by following the set goals. This is so crucial and mandatory. Stick to the plans you have in order to move ahead.

Get a mentor for guidance

This aspect helps in achieving the set goals. Everyone has someone they look up to for guidance. Get a mentor that is willing to assist you in achieving your goals. One needs proper guidance when it comes to achieving goals. So getting a mentor is necessary. It is not easy doing this alone without a tutor or mentor. Parents, counsellor, pastor, experienced person, a teacher and any responsible person living right can be a mentor.

Thanks for reading, comments below for any observation, questions, experiences and contributions.

15 thoughts on “Ways to Set and Achieve Goals”

  1. Setting realistic goals is really important. Sometimes we go way beyond the limits of our capabilities. While aiming for overachieving may sound good, it’s best to stay in range of actually achievable goals.

    Loved all your points💚

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  2. Thank you for sharing. I totally agree with you “It is very important to set realistic goals that align with our purpose in life.” Oftentimes, we set unrealistic goals that are not achievable and become discouraged.

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