Setting and Achieving 2021 Goals

It is so great to be in year 2021👏, new year new season. Congrats to everyone that is able to witness this wonderful year. The year has a lot in stock for us. The main question now is Have we set any goals for 2021?

We all know that it is necessary to set goals. Setting goals helps a lot, it enables us to know where exactly we are heading to. It makes us useful to ourselves and others in the society.


∆ Create a leisure time in order to brainstorm on the goals u want to set.

∆ Give yourself enough time and don’t be in a haste.

∆ Write out the goals in a diary or a paper. Dairy is the best.

∆ Set goals in line with what u really want to achieve.

∆ Don’t compare yourself to anyone, be u and set measurable goals.

∆ Be realistic while u set your goals, don’t fake anything. Set goals that are achievable.


∆ Work hard towards achieving the set goals. Laziness do not help at all.

∆ Don’t procrastinate, it delays a lot and kills slowly.

∆ Get tools, materials or instrument needed to achieve the set goals.

∆ Seek advise from counselors, parents relatives, guidance or any wise and responsible person.

∆ Don’t allow challenges or mistakes to discourage u from achieving the set goals. No one is perfect, learn from mistakes and allow challenges to strengthen u.

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