Stress management

Stress is a natural feeling that occur as a result of life experiences or events. It is a body reaction to challenges or demand. Stress is experienced by everyone, it affect human body, feelings and behavior. Physical symptoms of stress can be headache, acne and pains, insomnia, chest pain and so on. Emotional and mental stress symptoms are depression, anxiety, sadness and others.

Ways to Manage Stress

• Identity the main cause of stress

First way to deal with stress is to identify the main source which is very important. This will help you to eliminate or reduce the source of stress.

• Exercise and maintain good balance diet

It is good to exercise the body in order to strengthen the muscles and remain physically fit. Eating balance diet helps to maintain good health

• Get enough sleep

The body needs enough sleep so as to avoid body weakness or health issues that may hinder an individual from working judiciously.

• Practice meditation

Practising medication helps you calm your mind. It is good for the body and soul.

• Try to balance work, school and home

It is necessary to balance the equation of work, school and home. This helps a lot because stress can occur from work, school(for students) and home(for couples).

• Have a positive mindset

Be positive and avoid negativity. Move with people who are optimistic not pessimistic.

• Spend time with loved ones

Spending time with loved ones helps because of the closeness, communication and good understanding they have.

• Seek help from a psychologist or a mental health professional trained in stress management.

Lastly, seek help when you find it difficult to handle stress. A trained expert in handling stress can be of assistance.


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