2022 – Year of ResolutionđŸ’•

2022 is another year for everyone, new year, new plans. Well if you do not know what this year has in stock for you. Start planning. Resolution is a decision or determination to do or not to do something. The decision is ours to make. Ponder on the following questions that would be of help.

• What are things you do not want this year?

• What are the new things you would love to try this year?

• Do you wish to drop some negative attitudes you do not want this year?

• How would you love this year to be like?

• What are the goals you’re willing to achieve this year?

• Do you need to set any boundaries this year?

• Which friends do u want to unfriend and would you like to associate with new ones?

• If you own a business, are you willing to expand it?

• Are you willing to work on your weaknesses this year?

I believe 2022 will be a wonderful year if we put things right and work towards achieving goals we set to achieve.

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