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Determination: A key to open many closed doors.

Determination entails a lot of positivity during hardship or difficulty. It is the continuous persistence of something even when it is challenging. Determination is a strong quality that needs to be taken seriously in our personal lives. That word changes many things. Without determination, desired or set goals can’t be achieved. Every individual need to possess the quality of determination in order to go far in life.

There are closed doors that may not be as a result of spiritual attack or ordained destiny. It may be that we lack certain qualities needed in life. Determination is one of such qualities. Some individuals lack this quality which has led to the painful circumstances they find themselves in life while some are blessed from different angles because they possess the quality of determination.

It is important to have determination as a person who wants to not only succeed but also help others to achieve their goals in life. The word determination is powerful and deep. The essence of the word must be known in order not to be left in the unknown. It is a drug to the body that one have to take to keep moving forward in the midst of obstacles.

The term ‘determination’ must not be underestimated. It carries out several functions in the life of man. It is a quality that mustn’t depart from our lives because it drives us surprisingly to a far distance we did not expect in life. It cannot be bought but owned by those who are willing to have it.

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