About me

Hello, welcome to mydivablog, am blessing from Nigeria. I love writing and reading. My passion for writing made me to start a blog. During the lockdown of covid_19 pandamic, I was serving in my father’s land 😃during that period. I had to stay safe at home with family because of the pandemic. Since I love writing, I decided to create a blog to develop my passion while I was at home. I love the name diva but it looks common. I needed to make it sound unique. So I came up with the name mydivablog which focus on different categories such as poems, lifestyle, inspirations, nature and others. The aim of this blog is to educate and inform the world. I share my ideas based on several aspects. Mydivablog project my passion for writing and contributing my own quota to the society.

Hobbies😊😇: Writing, reading and cooking

Best colour : Blue

My quotes😀: Never give up, keep pushing and don’t allow challenges to weaken but make u stronger. Whenever u fall, rise up. 💞💗 you are made to do great things.