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My divablog is a platform for sharing my ideas on different aspects that includes poems, nature, Lifestyle, inspiration and many more. This blog also gives out vital information.

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Scary Night

Walking alone at night in the street, Silence everywhere, It is so dark out here, I think I heard a voice, Yea, a faint voice, I looked back and saw no one, So scary, I walked fast as I could, I heard the voice again, A bit clear now, I was so terrified to look…

November Affirmations

1. I am actively kind to myself whenever I need to be. 2. Self-forgiveness is growth 3. I am grateful for the lessons I learn when I make mistakes. 4. It’s never to late to try something new that excite me. 5. It’s healthy for boundaries to evolve as other things in my life change.…

Mydivablog aims at writing on interesting topics in the society. I love writing and through writing am able to express myself better. It makes the world know a part of me. This is a blog that enables me to share my passion for writing poems and any other inspirational work.