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My divablog is a platform for sharing my ideas on different aspects that includes poems, nature, Lifestyle, inspiration and many more. This blog also gives out vital information.

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Self-Improvement Tips

Self-improvement is a popular term that is widely known but it is not put into practice by many. It involves the transformation of an individual to a better person. It begins with self-awareness which is the ability to focus on yourself, actions, thoughts and emotions. Self-improvement helps one to reach full potential and realize dreams.… Continue reading Self-Improvement Tips

Feelings of Happiness

Smiles on the face,With inner satisfaction,It’s so real,Cannot be traded for anything.It is free and meant for all,Never hidden but glows brightly.It is a reflection of positivity and fulfillment.Sometimes,it cannot be described.It’s a pure feeling,So natural,It is a gift of nature. Ā©Blessing Pius

Mydivablog aims at writing on interesting topics in the society. I love writing and through writing am able to express myself better. It makes the world know a part of me. This is a blog that enables me to share my passion for writing poems and any other inspirational work.