Obsessed with Nature

Yea, i'm obsessed with nature, Look around, observe the beautiful flowers, Lovely green grasses and the trees. Clean river flowing downhill A sight to behold, Birds flying in the air with chirping sounds, Fishes in the sea and animals on land, It's so alluring, Wonderful view of Mountains and hills, Day and night, sun and… Continue reading Obsessed with Nature


Ways to Handle Mood Swings

Mood swings are sudden changes in emotional state. An individual mood can change suddenly from being happy to being sad, being jovial to miserable and being polite to being disrespectful. Mood swing may occur due to environment or serious health issues. It can occur as a result of physical and mental state of a person.… Continue reading Ways to Handle Mood Swings

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June Positive Affirmations

• I am open and receptive to change. • I am surrounded by people who love and appreciate me. • Everything I desire is coming to past this month. • I deserve to be happier than I have ever been. • I am beautiful and wonderfully made. • Every little struggle makes me stronger. •… Continue reading June Positive Affirmations


Life’s Choices

Choice! Choice! Choice! One's choices in life is important, Choices can mar or build a person, Be careful with the choices you make, Make choices you will never live to regret. Choices are the hinges of destiny, Yea, for sure. Make wise decisions, Don't dwell in the past, Look towards the future . Learn from… Continue reading Life’s Choices


Self-Improvement Tips

Self-improvement is a popular term that is widely known but it is not put into practice by many. It involves the transformation of an individual to a better person. It begins with self-awareness which is the ability to focus on yourself, actions, thoughts and emotions. Self-improvement helps one to reach full potential and realize dreams.… Continue reading Self-Improvement Tips

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Feelings of Happiness

Smiles on the face,With inner satisfaction,It's so real,Cannot be traded for anything.It is free and meant for all,Never hidden but glows brightly.It is a reflection of positivity and fulfillment.Sometimes,it cannot be described.It's a pure feeling,So natural,It is a gift of nature. ©Blessing Pius

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The Month of May Positive Affirmations

• I’m determined to find beauty in every moment, no matter what. • The present moment is the very essence of love, hope, compassion, and joy. • I surrender what I cannot control so that I can receive guidance. • I am learning to be easier on myself and on others. • I am going to… Continue reading The Month of May Positive Affirmations

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Determination: A key to open many closed doors.

Determination entails a lot of positivity during hardship or difficulty. It is the continuous persistence of something even when it is challenging. Determination is a strong quality that needs to be taken seriously in our personal lives. That word changes many things. Without determination, desired or set goals can't be achieved. Every individual need to… Continue reading Determination: A key to open many closed doors.


Effective ways to prepare for the day

There are effective ways to prepare for the day without wasting time on less important things. Lack of preparation leads to bad reports or unforseen circumstances. Prepare ahead of the day One of the effective ways to prepare for the day is to prepare ahead of the day. Take into consideration important things that need… Continue reading Effective ways to prepare for the day