Scary Night

Walking alone at night in the street, Silence everywhere, It is so dark out here, I think I heard a voice, Yea, a faint voice, I looked back and saw no one, So scary, I walked fast as I could, I heard the voice again, A bit clear now, I was so terrified to look… Continue reading Scary Night


November Affirmations

1. I am actively kind to myself whenever I need to be. 2. Self-forgiveness is growth 3. I am grateful for the lessons I learn when I make mistakes. 4. It's never to late to try something new that excite me. 5. It's healthy for boundaries to evolve as other things in my life change.… Continue reading November Affirmations


Power of smile

Power of smile changes a lot of things, Smile makes the face more beautiful, It gives sense of relief to humans, It covers the bitterness from within, Smile away your sorrow, Yea, smiling is good for the health, Smiling gives a glimpse of hope, Smile now! Put a smile on your face today and always,… Continue reading Power of smile

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Four beneficial vegetables to the health

It's been a long time I discussed about topics related to this. However, I have decided that I would share tips on vegetables that are beneficial to the health. It is mandatory that we take care of ourselves especially our health. Health is wealth according to a popular saying. Without good health, we cannot carry… Continue reading Four beneficial vegetables to the health


Ways to Handle Mood Swings

Mood swings are sudden changes in emotional state. An individual mood can change suddenly from being happy to being sad, being jovial to miserable and being polite to being disrespectful. Mood swing may occur due to environment or serious health issues. It can occur as a result of physical and mental state of a person.… Continue reading Ways to Handle Mood Swings

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June Positive Affirmations

• I am open and receptive to change. • I am surrounded by people who love and appreciate me. • Everything I desire is coming to past this month. • I deserve to be happier than I have ever been. • I am beautiful and wonderfully made. • Every little struggle makes me stronger. •… Continue reading June Positive Affirmations


Life’s Choices

Choice! Choice! Choice! One's choices in life is important, Choices can mar or build a person, Be careful with the choices you make, Make choices you will never live to regret. Choices are the hinges of destiny, Yea, for sure. Make wise decisions, Don't dwell in the past, Look towards the future . Learn from… Continue reading Life’s Choices


Self-Improvement Tips

Self-improvement is a popular term that is widely known but it is not put into practice by many. It involves the transformation of an individual to a better person. It begins with self-awareness which is the ability to focus on yourself, actions, thoughts and emotions. Self-improvement helps one to reach full potential and realize dreams.… Continue reading Self-Improvement Tips

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Determination: A key to open many closed doors.

Determination entails a lot of positivity during hardship or difficulty. It is the continuous persistence of something even when it is challenging. Determination is a strong quality that needs to be taken seriously in our personal lives. That word changes many things. Without determination, desired or set goals can't be achieved. Every individual need to… Continue reading Determination: A key to open many closed doors.