Everywhere is dark, The wall looks like it gonna fall apart, Couldn't walk well, Seems am the only one here, Where are others? Oh! such a strange place, Where am I? What am i doing here? Series of questions going through my head, But no one to answer me, Wait! I can hear my name,… Continue reading Dreams


Life’s Choices

Choice! Choice! Choice! One's choices in life is important, Choices can mar or build a person, Be careful with the choices you make, Make choices you will never live to regret. Choices are the hinges of destiny, Yea, for sure. Make wise decisions, Don't dwell in the past, Look towards the future . Learn from… Continue reading Life’s Choices

Poem, Poetry

Feelings of Happiness

Smiles on the face,With inner satisfaction,It's so real,Cannot be traded for anything.It is free and meant for all,Never hidden but glows brightly.It is a reflection of positivity and fulfillment.Sometimes,it cannot be described.It's a pure feeling,So natural,It is a gift of nature. ©Blessing Pius



Powerful recognition of human Defining man's personality, Never to be taken for granted, No living man on earth without it, Identity. It can tarnish or build an image, Travels far and wide, Without the presence of human body, Identity. Part of human life, That distinguish one from another, Need to be secured and guided, What… Continue reading Identity