Life’s Choices

Choice! Choice! Choice! One's choices in life is important, Choices can mar or build a person, Be careful with the choices you make, Make choices you will never live to regret. Choices are the hinges of destiny, Yea, for sure. Make wise decisions, Don't dwell in the past, Look towards the future . Learn from… Continue reading Life’s Choices

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Feelings of Happiness

Smiles on the face,With inner satisfaction,It's so real,Cannot be traded for anything.It is free and meant for all,Never hidden but glows brightly.It is a reflection of positivity and fulfillment.Sometimes,it cannot be described.It's a pure feeling,So natural,It is a gift of nature. ©Blessing Pius


Better Days

As minutes turns into hours,Days turns into weeks,Months turns into years,I hoped for better days,The future is bright,So I believe better days are ahead,Yea!it is truly ahead.Better days with no sorrow,No weeping, just happiness From fulfilled dreams.Do you believe that day will Finally come?Proclaim it now, my betterdays is near, right at the corner and… Continue reading Better Days


Faith of a sick child (Poem)

Lying weakly on the bed, Groaning silently in pains, The sick child is always smiling with other patients, nurses and doctors. The child has a strong belief of getting healed one day, The child is not ruled by fear but faith, Never a sad child but a happy one, Less worried and full of hope,… Continue reading Faith of a sick child (Poem)


Death: The unwelcomed guest (Poem)

King of terrors, terrifying human existence, adding bitter taste to our sweetness, having strong powers to wipe out human race within seconds, comes without being invited. Killer of joy and happiness, bearer of sad news, it comes to steal and take, but can never give. The opposite of life, Always taking away loved ones, No… Continue reading Death: The unwelcomed guest (Poem)


Young Innocent soul (Poem)

Living in a world of several vices, Terrible occurrences day by day, the young innocent soul is naive and blameless. Innocent soul in a separate world, of her own, silent and scared of the insecurities and bad happenings. Quite unfortunate, for the evil of the world, want to pollute the young innocent soul, Can the… Continue reading Young Innocent soul (Poem)


Mother’s Sacrifice (Poem)

Loving and caring mother, Always want to make her child happy, Sacrifice a lot for her babies, Carried pregnancy for months, Endured pains while giving birth, Nurture the baby till he or she grows, She works so hard for the child, Loves the child dearly, Disturbed when her baby is in pain, A good mother… Continue reading Mother’s Sacrifice (Poem)


Invisible pains (Poem)

Sitting quietly in a corner, Clothed in fine clothes, Looking good, But deep down no one sees her pains. People passing, minding their business, No one looking her side, They thought since she's well dressed, Then she needs no help. No one knows she's hurting, Her invisible pains can't be seen, Yea, we have some… Continue reading Invisible pains (Poem)